Organisational Training

As a coach and trainer I spend hundreds of hours a year listening to the problems that organisations currently face. There are two areas where I help:
1. Training teams to be more resilient.
2. Training leaders to fulfil their potential.
1. Training teams to be more resilient.

The problems I can help you with are:

  • Lack of engagement by staff

  • Reduced productivity and low moral 

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed or burnt-out

  • Stress related absenteeism

  • Mental health related issues

  • Team dynamics, feeling tense or strained meetings

  • Email overload, poor internal communication, taking work home

  • Feeling depleted and tired due to poor boundaries
​In association with either Work Well Being or On:Song I deliver training that cultivates resilient, happy and productive teams.
Programs are bespoke and vary from one hour lunchtime sessions to full day workshops, arrangements may include one-to-one coaching or consultancy as and where needed.
Work Well Being was founded in 2014 after the founders, Abby and Louise experienced first-hand how challenging it can be to prioritise health and happiness alongside the realities of modern working life.
“We create and deliver workplace wellbeing programmes designed to enhance individual health and happiness and build enduringly healthy work places.”
They've been featured in the Evening Standard and The Telegraph. Find out more at their website.
Clients include:
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Clients include:
Clients include:
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On:Song was founded in 2018 by George and Greg and exists to: ‘improve staff welfare and increase workplace engagement.' Their inclusive and transformational musical programs build resilience and develop leadership.
In their own words: 
“Developed in collaboration with HR professionals, our innovative, measurable, app-supported programs - based around regular or one-off sessions - allow maximum impact around people development, and encourage collaboration and cooperation between teams."
Visit their site here.
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2. Training leaders to fulfil their potential
and be more focused.

The problems I can help you with are:

  • Lack of engagement from your leaders
 and teams
  • Losing your top talent to more exciting organisations

  • Dealing with the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous) reality of today's global corporations

  • Successfully leading and motivating your decentralised teams

  • Leaders not fulfilling their potential and feeling uninspired 
  • A sense of overwhelm, distraction and difficulty on focusing on important decisions
  • Challenges in decision making and difficulty prioritising
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TNM has been rated one of the Top 3 Coaching and Training Companies in the world by Deloitte's Bersin & Associates.

Through working with TNM Coaching I’ve delivered executive level leadership coaching, trained country level managers in communication skills, and written a leadership development program called Digital Chieftain. 
TNM Coaching is a global alliance of coaches, trainers, and facilitators providing executive coaching, leadership development, and talent acceleration training to multinationals since 1999.
With over 150 experienced professionals in 25 countries, TNM is the world’s premiere coaching and training network devoted to transforming organisations, evolving leadership, and growing leaders. Visit their site here.
Clients include: