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What change would you like from 3 months coaching?

Do you ever feel stressed?

How about stuck or unfulfilled? This could be professionally or personally.

Or perhaps you know that you want to make some changes in your life, but you're not sure where to start?

This summer I'm creating two coaching groups. One based in Frome and one online. Each group will have four participants and will run for three months; July, August and September.

I invite you to take five minutes to read this page, perhaps watch the video, and then see how you feel about applying. It won't be for everybody. But I trust the right people will resonate with this opportunity.

If you're interested please take the time to watch this video. It's nearly 10 mins long though so if it's painful don't sit through it and suffer!

The Problems This Will Solve

Life can be tough.

With an unstable political climate (I just got back from France and I tell you that we are the laughing stock!), uncertainty about the future of our economy, the Extinction Rebellion bringing into awareness the damage we've done to our world, it's not an easy time to be living a good life and feeling like we're making a success of our careers.

Most of my work revolves around shifting people's careers onto a new track. I do this by solving their problems which are often both professional and personal. It’s a process of removing the blocks and then allowing your truth to shine.

Here are the problems I intend to solve for you by joining a coaching group this summer:

  • You want change but you feel afraid and you're not sure where to start (or what change you really want).

  • You've had difficulty finding a good, certified and experienced coach who will support your unique flourishing.

  • You want to be part of a group of similarly minded people who will support you, give astute reflections and offer constructive feedback.

  • You're seeking quality resources and training in areas like: resilience building, stress reduction, rapid prototyping and professional creativity, time management and prioritisation, and how to be more effective and focused.

  • You'd like help with uncovering unconscious limiting beliefs and removing them learning how to do this yourself so you don’t need ongoing coaching.

  • And you're seeking the accountability that a committed and consistent group of peers will offer you.

Do those problems (or opportunities) sound relevant to you?

Would it make a difference to your life if we solved some of them?

Practically these groups will involve the structure outlined below. This structure creates a certain geometry or rhythm to which we are all committed (as far as possible). Within this structure we hold our dialogue and exploration, action and creation.

Group Structure:

  • 2 x 2hour sessions / month either in person in Frome and online using Zoom

  • Weekly challenges for yourself and/or for the group

  • Resources appropriate to what we're working on (created and curated)

  • Accountability and peer-support sessions (1 hour twice / month)

  • Google Drive, private WhatsApp group, and open email access for ongoing support

  • Weekly self-coaching documents for added reflection and coaching

How does that sound?

It's quite a commitment I'm asking for. This is intentionally designed to be a fairly intensive three months during which you'll experience significant growth and change.

Your Investment

As well as the commitment to the structure I'll be asking for a financial commitment of £1500 (with a concession rate of £1000).

A note on the fee I'm asking for.

It's best not to think of that figure (£1500) as you buying my time, or my coaching, or my expertise. Not only is this inaccurate, it’s also difficult to quantify and never ends up feeling very good.

If you want to work it out as a rate / hour then you might think: "Shit! £1500 for four hours / month, that's extreme!"

But what about the time I spend before or after the sessions, or time spent creating resources, or time spent in training, or answering your self-coaching questions, or writing this invitation..?

Or more importantly how about the time spent praying for your success, meditating on your vision or writing you a hand-written letter telling you how awesome I think your idea is!

See how it gets complex and not very useful when you think about the investment being some kind of transaction where you give me money and I give you something in return.

Instead I invite you to consider what £1500 feels like when it's an investment in yourself.

Think about the problems you want to solve, the pains that you have, the growth that you want to experience, the changes that you feel will be different after three months of working together.

And then think about what the difference might be one year down the line, once we've made a significant trajectory shift from working hard for these three months?

When you look at it from that perspective the investment starts to feel more fun, more aligned, and more exciting.

You're literally saying:

"Yes, I give a shit about these changes. I want to focus on them, I want to make them happen. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and show up in a committed and effective way."

Getting the Results

How do I know we’ll get the results and create the changes that you want?

I invite you to take a moment to read over a few testimonials of current and past clients here. You’ll get a flavour for the kind of changes that regularly take place.

I’ll also share the following with the intention of having you feel more at ease with investing to work with me:

  • 7 years coaching experience with over 1000 hours of one to one coaching logged and more than 250 clients spread across 15 countries.

  • PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation with the ICF (International Coach Federation) which requires 140+ hours of coach training and a client log of over 750 hours.

  • A broad range of experience from working with GPs and local professional artists, Ibiza based nutritionists, marketing executives and advertising creatives, to other coaches and trainers, to country level managers and London based Executives and CEOs.

  • Experience delivering training seminars and hosting corporate groups through associate relationships with TNM (, Work Well Being ( and On:Song (

  • Working with groups for 12 years since starting as a qualified teacher in West London. Held a six month online coaching apprenticeship for coaches keen to expand their businesses and ran a local group in person called 'Music, Movement, Medicine' taking the group on a three month journey of personal growth and change.

  • Running workshop sessions internationally on retreats in the UK, Holland and Ibiza teaching people how to sing, pray and open their voices has given me an insight into the precision and vigilance necessary to do really good work.

And now, how does this all feel?

This is no simple decision and I invite you to take some time over it.

Take a moment to tune into your body and see what it's saying to you… Breathe deeply into your belly. What do you feel?

Potential, possibility, excitement?

Or fear, anxiety and tension?

What next?

If you think / feel this could be for you then I invite you to apply using the link below. You're not signing up to anything and you are in no way obligated to become part of the final group.

Even just filling out the few questions on the form might be a useful exercise and may be all that you need at this time.

Once you’ve filled out the form I’ll take a look at the responses and reach out to anybody I feel will be a good fit for this group. We’d then have a short 20/30 min conversation on the phone before I invite you to a further 90min one to one coaching conversation.

The outcome of that 90 minute session (which will be free) will be some actions or challenges that I’ll ask that you do before you signup for the coaching group. I’m doing it this way so that you have a real and visceral sense of the changes that will take place in your life, so long as you take the necessary action.

Once you really get a clear sense of, ‘Yeah, this is good, this is for me. I know this will work.’ Then I invite you to invest from that place.

Any questions of queries please get in touch with me following the instructions here.

The application link is here:

On a final note, if you know of somebody who you think my be interested in this opportunity do please send them the link to this article which is here:

I'd really appreciate that. Thank you.

Sweet, sending you love and blessings. Have a great day.

Love Chris

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