Let’s not pretend; we all have our struggles. 
Meeting life’s challenges, be they personal, professional, health, financial or familial, becomes easier when we know our own centre.
Coaching together gives you that essential reference point providing you with ‘a place on which to stand, [and] a place from which to step.
I help people in taking important steps in life; career changes, separation, launching new ventures, surviving divorce, leadership development, and living through infertility.
We explore work, relationships and personal growth while prioritising your mental health as the foundation upon which all else rests.
Imagine routines that work for you, enjoying new habits, making small but useful changes in your life all in a supportive and professional context.
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‘To come to ground is to begin the courageous conversation… to find the support and foundation that has been beneath our feet all along: a place to step onto, a place on which to stand, a place from which to step.’

- David Whyte 'Ground'
Working Together
Working together means fortnightly video calls with a commitment from us both for 3 or 6 months. 
Our conversations help you think clearly, make decisions, shift limiting mindsets, process emotions and priorities how you look after yourself. 
Amidst rising levels of mental health issues consider this work an invaluable support in living a healthy, fulfilling and happy life.
About Me
Since 2011 I have worked with a constant stream of coaching clients. Sometimes more than 20, occasionally just one at a time. I’ve worked with more than 300 accomplished professionals guiding them through some of the toughest moments of their lives.
I have certifications in coaching (2018, PCC with the ICF), teaching (PGCE, 2011) and yoga instruction (2012, Yoga Alliance). These give me a thorough grounding in the theory behind my work. I’ve worked for TNM and Work Well Being as an associate coach and trainer delivering international management level coaching programmes and wellness training for the modern workplace.

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