Your options for contacting me below are organised in order of my preference.
Firstly, please consider calling me directly (+44 788165 1889).
I'm friendly, and love the spontaneity of a phone call. 
This also helps reduce emails back and forth and no doubt
we can make far more progress in a 10 min call than in 10 emails.
I promise no 'hard sells', ever,
you're free to hangup immediately 
if I do that.
Secondly, write me a letter. I promise to write back.
Hand written letters are a dying art I'm intent on reigniting.
Obviously this won't make sense for more corporate connections,
but if you're considering reaching out for a one-to-one coaching 
relationship then I encourage you to take this option (if time allows).
Thirdly, fire me a short message using the form below.
Please include the following:
- let me know why you're reaching out
What is the specific problem or need that you have 
that you feel I could help you with.
- tell me your upcoming availability for a short phone call.
Please include two specific times (e.g. 2.30 on Monday 7th July)
and two good chunks of time you might be available if the 
times you've suggested don't work for me.
(e.g. Wednesday 9th July between 9-12)
Thanks for taking the time with those instructions!
Send me a message:

Thanks for submitting!


8 New Buildings


Somerset, UK

BA11 1PB


0044 7881651889