Career Coaching

The Problems I can help you with are:

  • Feeling stuck and stifled in your current position

  • Being unsure of your direction and where you’re heading

  • Feeling like you’re not contributing enough or making a big enough difference

  • ‘Imposter syndrome’, especially millennials in newly appointed leadership roles

  • Feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and insecure about work or life in general

  • Having big decisions to make such as a career change, a new product or a proposed large investment

  • Growing your business, hiring new staff and making investments
In my eight year coaching career I’ve helped more than 1000 people in over 15 countries grow in the direction they want. 
Certification with the ICF at their PCC level requires +140 hours of coach training, 10 hours of mentor coaching and more than 750 hours of client contact time. I have over 1000+ 1-1 coaching hours logged.
Since 2015 I've been an associate for Work Well Being and TNM Coaching giving me invaluable corporate experience. I write my own programs on resilience and leadership and deliver internationally.
In 2016 I was awarded the PEA Award for 'Best in the South West' for my social enterprise UpcycleUK.
  • Fortnightly 90 minute coaching conversations (done either face to face or via Zoom) 

  • Weekly self-coaching documents which you complete and I comment on

  • Contact through WhatsApp or email for ongoing support

  • Personalised weekly challenges
I work with people for between three months and up to two years. My fees range from between £250 - £500 / month depending on your needs and resources.

Programs usually include the following:

Chris profile lowrez.jpg
All programs start with a 20 minute connecting conversation. If you are curious about coaching together I encourage you to reach out to me and book an initial call HERE
Often these calls don’t result in a coaching arrangement, which is natural and totally fine. More usually there is an interesting exchange of ideas, a book recommendations, or the sparks of friendship or future collaboration. 
I set aside two hours each week for these calls, so you’re not wasting my time.